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        Wrinkles are a common part of the aging process, but this doesn’t mean that people have to accept them. There are many safe, secure and entirely non-surgical ways to maintain a smooth and youthful-looking visage. This remains true despite any changes in skin elasticity, collagen production, and facial volume.Botox injections are currently the preferred treatment for dynamic wrinkles across the brow, around the eyes, and at the mouth. This powerful neuromodulator instantly relaxes the facial muscles that are responsible for crow’s feet, frown lines and more.

How Botox Diminishes the Appearance of Dynamic Wrinkles

As people grow older, two primary types of wrinkles develop; static wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles form with age as the skin produces less collagen and elastin and the skin begins to loosen and sag.

Dynamic wrinkles, however, form a little differently. Dynamic wrinkles are the result of ongoing use of the expressive muscles. The expressive muscles are used for smiling, frowning and making any other facial expression. As tension builds within these muscles, fine lines and wrinkles start to the form at the surface of the skin. These creases are especially apparent whenever the face is in a state of motion. When Botox is injected into the skin, it works with the nerve signals sent to the expressive muscles. As a result, the expressive muscles relax, tension is released, and surface lines are erased.

Those who receive Botox injections get to enjoy a naturally younger-looking face. The treatment does not make your face appear frozen, as some believe. Rather, it simply relaxes your facial muscles to the point that they do not form lines and wrinkles when you make any kind of facial expression.

Why Choose Botox?

Botox injections are an incredibly low-risk procedure. Unlike invasive surgeries, it does not require any incisions or any alteration or removal of facial tissues. As such, Botox also lacks a significant recovery period. The treatment takes little time to complete, and once your injections are finished, you’ll be immediately free to resume your normal activities.

We offer Botox injections among our many personalized aesthetic services at THL Medical Group. Each of our providers is specially trained in administering this treatment, ensuring you get nothing less than exceptional results.

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