Child Health And Diseases

Child Health And Diseases

Children are more susceptible to sickness due to their underdeveloped immune systems and their high exposure to germs at schools and child care facilities. Most children may have 6 to 8 colds a year. Other common childhood illnesses include allergies, skin problems, eye conditions, neurological issues and gastrointestinal conditions. It’s important to understand which conditions affect certain age groups as well as the degree of severity.

To promote good health, parents should know the symptoms of common childhood illnesses and how to manage them before they progress to an advanced stage. Always consult a health care provider for specific advice on managing common childhood illnesses

Our Hospital staffs at the Department of Child Health and Diseases consisting of experienced experts in the field, equipped with advanced technology in international standards, outpatient clinic, inpatient service and intensive care areas for all kinds of diagnosis and treatment services for pediatric diseases.

In the pediatric health department of our hospitals, all necessary examinations are carried out for all kinds of diseases of children from infancy to adolescence (0-16 years), treatments are planned, growth and development are monitored, routine controls and vaccinations are performed.

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