Forehead Lift

The forehead skin, just like the facial skin, commences to loosen and sag with the progression of age and the subsisting lines deepen. These lines in between the brows get vertical. The increasing stance of brow movements observed at later ages is the known cause of loose spots, especially on the brows. Wrinkles caused by these loose spots may not only prove to be resilient against flattening, but, get denser, or, push the eyelids downwards as the dose of application tends an increase. The result is a wearier look on the patient’s side and entangled movement of the lids, especially when he or she tries to open the eyes. Under such circumstances may a forehead or brow lifting surgery prove to be a viable option, for stretching the already loose skin of the area concerned.


  • Drooping eyebrows narrowing if not otherwise impairing vision
  • Eyes become fatigued, with drooping of the brows
  • Weary and unhappy look attributable to hereditary or age-related drooping of the brows
  • Formation of deep, thick and dry lines on the forehead, lending a weary expression to the person


  • The patient is sedated or anaesthetised locally, without any need for general anaesthesia
  • The operation lasts in 30 to 50 minutes
  • You may return home right after the procedure
  • There is no age limitation for undergoing the procedure
  • Can be combined with facelift and/or eyelid procedures


  • You experience enlarged vision following the procedure
  • Full healing takes one week to ten days
  • Your looks gain a more vivid and youthful appearance
  • Brows regain original shape and angular position, making you look more dynamic
  • No traces are left visible, since they are left in hairy region of the skin

Forehead Lift and Brow Lift Surgeries are suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.


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