Atlas University Medicine Hospital; Since 1998, for more than 20 years, it has gained the trust of its patients with its quality health services and has been continuing its services as a respected health institution that has helped many patients recover with successful diagnosis and treatment processes. Our hospital has a closed area of ​​75.000 m2 with its modern building equipped with the latest technology, technical devices and equipment.

It has managed to become one of the pioneering and leading institutions in our healthcare system with its 400 bed capacity, 18 operating theaters, one of which is hybrid, 400 thousand outpatient clinics and more than 30 thousand surgeries annually. In addition, our hospital with a conference hall for 250 people and 10 classrooms; For years, it has undertaken an important mission by providing health education to more than 10 thousand students with practical training and internship opportunities at high school and university levels.

Our hospital, which has a strong academic staff and scientific knowledge, will continue to serve the medicine of our country and the world as “Medicine Hospital of Atlas University Medical Faculty” since 2019, without compromising its ethical attitude and principled stance.


We are a modern healthcare institution that has adopted patient and patient satisfaction as a principle and provides quality service with our extensive academic staff. In accordance with these features, we are committed to providing services to our people at international standards at every stage of diagnosis and treatment.

As a requirement of this sense of duty and respect for ethical values, every member of our institution uses his professional knowledge to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. We support education and research by contributing to the development of medical science by sharing our scientific knowledge on national and international platforms.

With the awareness of social responsibility, we inform our people about the developments in medicine, inform the public about the factors that threaten public health, and thus contribute to the formation of a healthy society.

We are here to offer you all the health services we offer, without compromising the principles of medical ethics, using the latest technology, diagnosis and treatment methods, environmentally sensitive, respecting patient rights, keeping patient and employee safety at the forefront, with enthusiasm and devotion.


We can provide expert advice to help you make the right decision about your care. Looking for a specific treatment, condition or symptom?  Browse through our full list of services below