Robotic Hair Transplantation

A robotic hair transplant (or the ARTAS system) is almost exactly what it sounds like. It is basically the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of hair transplantation, but performed by a robot, as opposed to a physician. A physician is still present to help the robot to be as accurate as possible, and the follicles are transplanted by a doctor as well.

You will first need a consultation to ensure that you are a good candidate for a hair transplant. Although we do not currently perform robotic hair transplants, you can Book Free Consultation, which enables you to meet an expert, ask questions and voice any concerns you may have regarding a hair transplant procedure.

The process of a robotic hair transplant is similar to an FUE hair transplant. Once you arrive for your treatment, hair in the donor area will be trimmed right down to make follicles easy to identify and extract.

You will be seated and have many shots of anaesthesia to ensure that your scalp is completely numb. Then, a skin surface tensioner will be placed on the head around the donor area to ensure that follicles are easily accessible.

ARTAS uses cameras to map the donor area and choose the best follicles to extract, based on the properties of the hair. A robotic arm will use small dermal punches to remove individual hair follicles, which a physician will later transplant manually, using innovative techniques that help the transplant to look natural and heal well.

An experienced doctor is present throughout to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Differences Between A Robotic Hair Transplant & FUE

As mentioned before, getting a robotic hair transplant in Turkey is similar to using the FUE method. But what does this mean? The other two methods of hair transplantation and the ones offered with Longevita are as follows:

FUE – This method requires a doctor to remove individual follicles from the donor area and transplant them into the required area. FUE is a popular modern option for a number of reasons, but primarily because it looks much more natural, with hairs being removed and then placed into the transplant area randomly. There is also less scarring and healing time, and there is only minimal lowering of hair density in the donor area.

FUT – This stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation and involves removing a strip of hair and tissue and placing the whole thing into the treatment area. This is a good option to get a thicker looking result in fewer grafts, but it can also leave very noticeable scarring and is not a great option if you don’t have a lot of hair in the donor area.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of A Robotic Hair Transplant

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to a robotic hair transplant. These include:


– Offers digital mapping superior to the human eye. This makes it easier to select the right follicles, which makes for a healthier looking transplant.

– Less scarring. Thanks to the process of individually pulling follicles out at random from the donor area, scarring is minimal.

– Better graft selection means need for fewer grafts.

– Recovery period shorter. Your robotic hair transplant Turkey may be all but healed by the end of your trip so you can get straight back to work.


– Robots are not able to make judgement calls like humans can, so you’ll still need a great doctor working with you.

– Because the technology is still quite new, robotic hair transplants are only available for patients with straight, dark hair.

– For those who have lost quite a lot of hair, this procedure might not be suitable. The robot is only able to extract from the back and sides of the head for the time being.

– Graft survival chances are not great. ARTAS has a graft survival rate of around 90%, whilst an experienced hair transplant doctor will have a graft survival rate of up to 97%.

Call Longevita today to book a consultation, and get help deciding whether robotic hair transplants are the right option for you, or if we have an alternative technique which may suit you better.

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